Antony released from Man United until further notice.

Antony agrees to Man Utd leave of absence amid allegations

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Antony released from Man United until further notice. In recent developments, Manchester United finds itself grappling with a sensitive issue involving one of its star players, Antony. Antony will not be available to Manchester United for the time being – the club announced this.

Antony’s Absence

The Background The allegations against Antony are serious, involving claims of abuse made by three women. The Brazilian winger is accused of abuse by his ex-girlfriend and two other women. “Manchester United acknowledges the allegations made against Antony. The players who did not take part in international matches should start training again on Monday. However, it was agreed with Antony that he would postpone his return until further notice in order to deal with the allegations,” write the “Red Devils”. The Brazilian was missing from the Seleção squad as a result of the allegations.

Paid Leave for Antony

Despite the allegations, Antony is not suspended by the club, and this is an essential point to consider. Manchester United has decided to continue paying his salary during his absence. This move signifies that the club wishes to handle the situation responsibly and impartially. It also demonstrates a level of support for Antony while the allegations are being investigated.

According to ESPN information, Anthony is not suspended and will therefore be paid by the club during his absence. “I have agreed with Manchester United to take some time off while I deal with the allegations made against me,” Antony wrote on Instagram. “This was a mutual decision to avoid distractions for my teammates and unnecessary controversy for the club.”

Antony’s Statement

Antony emphasized that his decision to take time off was mutual, with the club, to prevent any unnecessary distractions for his teammates and avoid controversy for Manchester United. Antony was not arrested or reported, the leave of absence is intended to help the €95 million 2022 signing deal with the allegations defend. “I would like to reiterate that I am innocent (…) and I will cooperate with the police to help them find out the truth. I look forward to playing again as soon as possible.”

Comparing Antony’s Case with Mason Greenwood

Antony is the second Manchester United player after Mason Greenwood (21) against whom allegations of abuse have been made. Mason Greenwood, a talented young player, was also accused of similar misconduct. However, the outcomes of their cases have been different. Greenwood’s case was reported, and in February 2023, the British judiciary dropped the investigation. Subsequently, he moved to Getafe FC on loan on the deadline day.

Conclusion – Antony released from Man United

The situation involving Antony’s allegations is undeniably sensitive and challenging for both the player and Manchester United. As the legal process progresses, Antony is released from Man United as the club promises to keep supporting Antony and make sure the case gets a thorough investigation. The result will greatly impact not just Antony’s career but also the club’s reputation. We’ll keep a close eye on the case’s progress and provide updates as they come in.

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