2024 Presidential Election Odds: Biden Starts Catching Up to Trump

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2024 Presidential Election Odds: The US politics have seen a hectic week with spotlights mainly on two events. First, the hush money charges of former President Donald Trump as star witness Michael Cohen take the stand on Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday, the incumbent President of America Joe Biden challenges Trump to a two debates ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.

In the meantime the race was almost dead just a week ago, but the former president Donald Trump has begun to gain a lead over Biden in the past few days, despite his legal battles unraveling—or at least one of them.

Donald Trump is currently being indicted in four criminal charges. But, only the hush money trial is currently ongoing and will likely be the only one that takes place before the elections. The other three have been delayed and will probably begin after the elections. The timeframe for the other trails are not known? However, that will depend on the Presidential poll result in November.

On that note, Donald Trump’s odds have seen a slight increase since last Monday. So, is Biden’s invitation ever going to gain some momentum?

As of press time, Canadian operator SportsInteraction has Trump at -120 and Biden at +130, which is about a 20-cent swing. Just a week ago, both presumptive candidates were at +100 and +110, respectively. Meanwhile, the UK branch of Bet365 currently has the former president sitting at -125 and the incumbent at +125.

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Biden’s Day Making

Given Trump’s recent lead and the escalation of social unrest across college campuses in the US, could Biden’s invitation be a tactic from the Democratic camp to start gaining some momentum?

In a video posted by the White House, incumbent President of America Joe Biden has challenged former President Donald Trump to two debates in the upcoming months and finished the message by saying, “Make my day, pal.”

This events are scheduled for June 27, which will be hosted by CNN, and the second one on September 10. One notable aspect of the first debate is that it will take place before either candidate is officially nominated by their party. From the look of things, Trump is yet to mention who his VP will be.

It looks like Biden is looking to strike back, and he setting up his chess pieces for another move in the upcoming weeks. State with us as things unfold?

With both candidates securing the required number of delegates to be nominated for their respective parties, the stage is set for the first presidential rematch since 1956 in November. Now, let’s analyze these presidential odds.


While the prospect of a Biden-Trump showdown was expected following the latest primaries’ results, analysts noted a surprising uptick in the incumbent president’s odds in the betting market. Notably, Biden’s odds saw an increase of approximately 20 cents, garnering attention amidst speculation about the 2024 election landscape.

It’s pertinent to highlight that Biden’s odds notably surged by approximately 90 cents since his impassioned 2024 State of the Union address. Now, he’s priced at +130.

By the way, mark your calendar for August because that’s when the Democratic National Convention is scheduled to take place in Chicago. That’s where Biden will officially receive the Democratic nomination.

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